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Tuesday, May 27, 2003
whoa. just looking at my first post makes me realise how lacking in detail it is. sell book? that makes me sound so special, like i was going to pitch my idea to some fancy ass publishing company. truth is, there is no fancy idea. all i was trying to do was sell my abnormal psychology text book back to the bookstore. apparently, they didn't want it. the fuckers.

so today i met aimee for coffee. went to calhouns and had some weird veggie quesadilla. is that how you spell it? ah well. i didn't even have coffee. she talked, i listened. she's dating some guy who's old enough to be her dad. my dad, even. one part of me says that as long as she's happy, what does it matter? but the other part of me says that old men are not to be trusted. if he's so great, why doesn't he have someone his own age? sometimes you just have to sit back and watch things unfold i suppose. i don't imagine i know her well enough to be spouting off my fabulous relationship advice, seeing as i'm so experienced and all.

i'm making pasta right now and listening to bjork. making pasta. who are we kidding...? i'm boiling pre-packaged pasta. but hey, at least it's multigrain!

Friday, May 23, 2003
first post. yipee! will figure this thing out later. must shower, sell book, meet asha.

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